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Your Privacy is Our Policy

Privacy is always a concern in today’s society. At Clugston Polygraph and Investigative Services, we believe that personal information should remain private and we only release information when dictated by a legal and justifiable “need to know”.

Many of our clients work in professions such as attorneys, law enforcement, or credit/collections. Members of these groups have a “presumption of need” for a variety of information in their pursuit of lawful business practices. We feel that we contribute to the greater good of society by assisting these professionals in their pursuit of lawful business endeavors. To protect your privacy, we only release information to these professionals when their request is supported by proper legal documentation.

We also have many clients who are private citizens. Frequently, private citizens are referred to us by other professionals.  When an individual requests an investigation, they must demonstrate a “need to know” prior to the release of any information. In the course of any investigation, sensitive personal information may be restricted or can only be provided to an attorney or other licensed professional. In this case, we will advise you of any restrictions on this information and the name of the professional who received the information.

One common request for information pertains to a "judgment recovery" associated with a court order.  The civil court system does not normally have the resources necessary to assist creditors in the collection of a court-ordered award.  We can provide employment and asset searches that may prove helpful to creditors in locating assets a debtor might have omitted during court proceedings.

Our Contract and the Waiver & Release of Liability forms are the primary instruments for protecting the privacy of all parties.  At times, it may be necessary to sign additional authorizations and/or releases that are required for credit reports, asset searches, or motor vehicle and driving record searches. These forms specify the legal parameters and limitations for requesting the desired information.  We make every effort to ensure the legality of any and all searches we perform.

Clugston Polygraph and Investigative Services makes every effort to ensure that all information is obtained by legal means only. 

In the course of an investigation, we may use a variety of public and private sources.

Clugston Polygraph and Investigative Services respects the rights of all citizens and institutions.  Integrity is of paramount importance and we operate without any intent to defraud, defame, harm or otherwise injure any party in any way.  We comply fully with the following regulations:

While it is impossible to monitor every change in regulation or law in every jurisdiction, we strive to stay current and ensure that all of our investigations adhere to the latest legal statutes.


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We comply fully with the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999





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