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From time to time, many companies and individuals in Oklahoma find themselves in need of a reliable and professional investigative agency to help them with their trial preparation procedures and strategies. When deciding to hire an investigative agency, one of the primary factors to consider is their level of experience and expertise in handling your type of case. A prospective client should ensure that the agency providing the investigative and trial preparation services has a proven record of effective methods, techniques and strategies. The agency should also be reliable in achieving an early settlement, as well as a successful trial result.

While striving to meet the client's objectives, we seek to uncover potential crimes and expose those responsible. We offer a variety of services such as background checks of prospective employees (including criminal records and polygraph examinations), validating work and education history, and verifying references.


You hire a private investigator because they are experts in researching

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and gathering facts and information. Our firm will be able to determine where to look for vital information and evidence, whereas an inexperienced investigator may overlook important facts. Professional private investigators obtain information from a variety of sources . Our team of specialists and law enforcement professionals offer comprehensive intelligence gathering services.


With more than thirty years of law enforcement and investigative experience, we have an established network of contacts. In many instances, the best way to resolve a problem may be through the services of a licensed Private Investigator. We will gladly discuss your situation and develop a plan for obtaining the information necessary to solve your problem. We have the ability to monitor a suspect's movements and activities in cases where their actions might be contrary to your interests. We can also assist in the location and recovery of stolen property.

Investigation services and trial preparation assistance are valuable in helping you arrive at a fair and just Court ruling. The first step is to ensure you find an agency you can trust to protect your rights and safeguard your interests. Many investigative agencies are willing to take the necessary aggressive actions to speed up the processes of the justice system, resulting in a fair trial or settlement.

The agency you select should understand the complexity of accumulating sufficient evidence that is beneficial to your case and have a plan for dealing with any obstacles. You should verify the agency's reliability by checking with appropriate groups of investigators in your area. Once an agency has been selected and verified, you can rely on the agency to provide an honest and valuable investigation to aid your trial preparation efforts. The agency you select also needs excellent consultation services to guide you in making informed decisions about your case or situation.

If you need a background check on a person to expose potential negative activities that can help your case, give our offices a call. We will conduct all necessary investigations to add strength to your case. During your trial preparation efforts, you can count on Clugston Polygraph and Investigative Services to provide you with regular updates, as well as facts and information that will assist you in your fight for justice . Clugston Polygraph and Investigative Services always strives to provide the highest quality private investigation service in Oklahoma.


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