Marital Infidelity Investigations in Oklahoma

Recent studies suggest that about one-fourth of all marriages will experience marital infidelity. Given today's high divorce rate, it may appear that the rate of cheating spouses is even higher. Other domestic relationships, such as cohabitating, may also experience infidelity. As time goes by in a relationship, you may wonder how it would feel if your partner had an affair. What if he or she is cheating?


Frequently Asked Questions about Polygraph Examinations

In an "ideal" world, everyone would honor their marriage vows. Since we do not live in a perfect world, this is not always the case. At Clugston Polygraph & Investigative Services, we have the knowledge and experience to help you find the answers you need. This type of investigation can be emotionally stressful and may require surveillance of the individual. The end result is to either confirm or deny your suspicions. In the event that we do not handle your case, all correspondence is shredded.

You might think you need to meet with a private investigator in your area to help you find out if your spouse is cheating on you. If so, selecting a private investigator to handle your marital infidelity case is a serious decision that requires a lot of thought. Before you start, make sure you cover all the necessary groundwork to land a good private investigator for your case. Be sure to thoroughly check for reliability, professionalism, trustworthiness and competence, before signing any contracts.

We recommend you check with previous clients, attorneys, and acquaintances, to verify that the investigator you have in mind is reliable and competent. The person or agency you hire should consult with you to determine the best course of action. You will want to discuss the basis for your suspicions, the best time to perform surveillance, and what you hope to gain from the investigation.

Experience has shown that a minimum of 10 hours of surveillance is required to determine whether or not the suspicions of unfaithful practices are real or imagined. Since the agency is dealing with a third party, we are unable to obtain any definitive evidence until the parties involved get together.  Depending upon the situation, the investigation may take a few days or stretch out over a longer period. As a result, Clugston Investigations requires a contract and retainer, prior to rendering any investigative services.

Individuals undergoing domestic or marital disputes may want to seek expert investigative assistance. One option is to undergo a polygraph examination. Once you receive the results of your polygraph exam and if it shows that your spouse is cheating, you may want to consult with an attorney, should you feel it necessary.

More importantly, when you do decide to hire investigative services for your marital infidelity case, make sure you discuss arrangements to go over financial records and organize a financial report. These may prove useful in any court proceedings. Discuss your goals in the case with the investigative agency (and your attorney, if necessary). Together, you can develop a comprehensive record of all information and details that can aid in any civil litigation.

Assets are important in any legal proceedings and being prepared for any court proceedings will give you an advantage in obtaining the result you desire. Working with a professional investigator can help you gain leverage in negotiations and settlement meetings. An experienced investigator can provide clear and identifiable evidence using photos and videos to confirm romantic liaisons or illicit activities by an unfaithful spouse.

Avoid becoming a victim in legal proceedings by being prepared with all available information favorable to your case. Lack of proper documentation or evidence may harm your case and may work against you in a child custody and property settlement. Clugston Polygraph & Investigative Services will work with you to ensure that your attorney has all the available facts and information to improve your chances of winning your litigation case.

Once started, the investigation may need to cover an assortment of topics. The agency or investigator you choose should be able to provide personal background checks, professional history checks, medical history verification, financial records investigation, credit checks and more. Your partner's financial records may prove useful if you find out that they are cheating and want to start divorce proceedings.

If you suspect your spouse of hiding something, ask him or her to undergo a polygraph test. If he or she objects to the idea, this could be an indication that something is amiss with your relationship. A polygraph examination can be an effective way to determine the truth regarding your spouse's faithfulness. A polygraph exam can also help to establish whether your spouse has participated in illicit sexual relations, the use of escort or prostitution services, participated in pornographic activities or cybersex through the use of email, chat rooms and social media.

Often times, domestic or marital issues can threaten your physical, emotional and financial well-being. You can use investigative services and polygraph tests to verify the nature and extent of the situation. Using a polygraph test to ascertain whether your partner is being unfaithful is considered reliable. Polygraph testing has been used for many years for this purpose, with many improvements along the way. You can count on Clugston Polygraph & Investigative Services for discretion in all personal matters.

Polygraph exams are considered to be valid as long as the tests are administered and the results analyzed by a well-trained and licensed professional. Experts are able to interpret the polygraph results to validate or reject claims by your partner or spouse regarding infidelity. Clugston Polygraph & Investigative Services can help you find the truth and if necessary, assist you in clearing any suspicion or doubt regarding your spouse.

These situations are stressful, but professionals can often help you uncover the truth and find peace of mind. Competent investigative services can provide you with the information necessary for you to move forward and start the healing process. If necessary, a qualified investigator can use advanced surveillance technology to collect the evidence needed to confront your partner and/or consult an attorney.

When it comes to performing a background check and developing a profile of the person your spouse is involved with, using a private investigation service is often your best option. If your suspicions prove correct, the investigator you hire can provide you with records and evidence that you can use as proof of infidelity in a legal proceeding. Items of evidence may include photos, audio and video surveillance, polygraph examination results, and possible communication activity (i.e. mail, chat or e-mail). Clugston Polygraph & Investigative Services is ready to consult with you to discuss your situation. With an office conveniently located in Grove, OK, we are available to help with your marital infidelity or other personal relationship cases. Stop by our Grove, Oklahoma office or contact us by phone or email.


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